Research: An Ethical Approach to CSR Storytelling

Establishing brand new approaches to storytelling in Corporate Social Responsibility that protects people and creates great stories.

The Context: Social responsibility and shared value projects are becoming more common in the North American business landscape, yet lack an ethical structure for the telling of those project stories. Beneficiaries of CSR projects have experienced their stories exploited, a lack of supportive structures, trauma pornography narratives, and much more, result in long term negative consequences.

Why This Project Matters: We have initiated and are conducting the first research into ethical storytelling, to raise up a new standard of storytelling that is powerful and effective. Oh, and it won a Business for Social Good Grant from the UBC Sauder School of Business.

What We Are Doing: Selected foci, clarified theories, identified research questions, collecting data (ethics review, qualitative interviews and focus groups with business leaders/participants in CSR projects, and A/B testing), analyzing data, reporting results in peer reviewed publications, in partnership with Dr. Darren Dahl.

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