Impact Project: Restorative Justice for Marginalized Populations

Creating alternative and meaningful pathways to healing and justice through Canada’s first, comprehensive restorative justice process for Survivors of modern day slavery and human trafficking

The Context: Restorative Justice (a process rooted in Indigenous peacemaking) is used across Canada in the criminal justice system to address the harm caused by a crime using restorative focused practices. Due to the intense nature and often psychopathic level of abuse, severe crimes, such as human trafficking, Canada lacks a safe structure in which to facilitate the process for Survivors

Why This Project Matters: In Canada, there are criminal and civil processes Survivors can engage in to pursue justice. However, they lack a protective, victim-centred approach that rarely results in healing the larger impacts, including communities, culture, and relationships. This project aims to discover how to overcome systemic barriers, engage lived experience to guide the process, and offer new pathways to justice that heal the larger circles of life after trafficking.

What We Are Doing: Developing a four year comprehensive, Canada-wide project in partnership with over 30 different collaborators and the RCMP, engaging a collaborative design through Indigenous-led approaches., lived experience inclusion We are currently raising capital for this project.

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