Impact Project: De-Colonizing Practice in Industry

Challenging industry through Indigenous-led land based approaches to prevent violence.

The Context: Industry, including work camps in remote communities, have been shown to increase violence against women, children, trans, non-binary, two spirit folks, and tokenize Indigenous contributions and leadership, which creates fractions in culture and land based approaches to Indigenous ways of being and living.

Why This Project Matters: Acting as a secondary partner to Indigenous-led leadership, this project invests in Indigenous youth to play a role in establishing community-led responses to ending violence and fostering cultural reclamation in two communities (Terrace and Victoria), in partnership with Indigenous knowledge keepers and Elders.

What We Are Doing: Creating and delivering education, supporting lived experience inclusion, facilitating Learning Labs in multiple cities, coordinating Indigenous cultural practice and knowledge keepers from across Turtle Island, supporting the development of creative education projects, and relationships with oil and gas stakeholders.

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