Learning Series

Exploring topics that shift mindsets and grow approaches.

Impact Project: Employment Equity in Tech
Developing safe, equitable pipelines into the tech industry for historically under-represented groups. The Context: The technology industry in North America is valued in the trillions, creating...
Impact Project: De-Colonizing Practice in Industry
Challenging industry through Indigenous-led land based approaches to prevent violence. The Context: Industry, including work camps in remote communities, have been shown to increase violence against...
Professional Coaching & Education for Executive Leaders
We are providing individual executive coaching and a group leadership series for an entire team of executive leaders in a fortune 500 company, focusing on...
Trauma Informed Framework
We are developing the first Trauma Informed Framework for the largest municipality in BC to apply to suite of crime prevention programs and partners.
Impact Project: Restorative Justice for Marginalized Populations
Creating alternative and meaningful pathways to healing and justice through Canada’s first, comprehensive restorative justice process for Survivors of modern day slavery and human trafficking The...
Impact Project: Alternatives to Criminal Enforcement
Innovating a new response to community safety in municipalities that prioritizes people and decreases negative institutional interactions. The Context: In every community, members come from all...

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Larissa Maxwell

Larissa Maxwell is the CEO and Principal Consultant of The Maxwell Consulting Group, and an avid reader, researcher, and creative explorer.