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ESG Strategies

We provide leadership, training, and project management for organizations seeking to build and grow their ESG strategies from the ground up, focusing on industries that are newer to this work and requiring customized approaches.

All our projects carry a similar theme- never been done before, challenging, and have significantly large implications for societal transformation. We’ll tell you as much as we can, without violating NDA’s.


Growing an ESG strategy with one of the largest commercial real estate and investment organizations in Canada.

Why This Project Matters: Commercial real estate has a unique opportunity to have significant impact for people and planet, including advancing gender equity, reconciliation to land and climate justice, and leadership development.

What We Are Doing: Materiality assessment, values discovery, brand alignment, comparative analysis and benchmarking, ESG framework evaluation, develop stakeholder/ERG groups, policy alignment, internal engagement, external initiatives

Completion Date: 2023

Long Term ESG Impact Projects

We lead impact projects that tackle a specific component of an organization’s ESG strategy, such as employment inclusion, ethical marketing communication, lived experience inclusion, and gender equity.


Creating place and space to increase Migrant Worker leadership in the economic systems they support in Canada

The Context: Migrant Workers play a significant role in supporting the Canadian economy, often doing jobs Canadians don’t want to do. Our current Temporary Foreign Worker program creates opportunities for abuse, exploitation, and even human trafficking to occur at alarming rates. Migrant Workers are consulted, but often not equipped and supported to grow their leadership presence to transform systems that affect them.

Why This Project Matters: We are building Canada’s first Migrant Worker leadership program, built with and for Migrant Workers to grow capacity, build technical skills, cognitive abilities, and essential competencies.

What We Are Doing: Desk review, North American comparative analysis, lived experience advisory council, develop curriculum and learning design, host a team of 10+ diverse consultants, implement programming and live facilitation, engage external third party evaluation, develop a leadership alumni network

Completion Date: 2022


Challenging industry through Indigenous-led land based approaches to prevent violence

The Context: Industry, including work camps in remote communities, have been shown to increase violence against womxn and children, and tokenize Indigenous contributions and leadership, which creates fractions in culture and land based approaches to Indigenous ways of being and living.

Why This Project Matters: Acting as a secondary partner to Indigenous-led leadership, this project invests in Indigenous youth to play a role in establishing community-led responses to ending violence and fostering cultural reclamation, and

What We Are Doing: Creating and delivering education, supporting lived experience inclusion, facilitating Learning Labs in multiple cities, coordinating Indigenous cultural practice & knowledge keepers from across Turtle Island

Completion Date: 2023


Developing brand new approaches to storytelling in Corporate Social Responsibility that protects people and creates great stories.

The Context: Social responsibility and shared value projects are becoming more common in the North American business landscape, yet lack an ethical structure for the telling of those project stories. Beneficiaries of CSR projects have experienced their stories exploited, a lack of supportive structures, trauma pornography narratives, and much more, result in long term negative consequences.

Why This Project Matters: We have initiated and are conducting the first research into ethical storytelling, to raise up a new standard of storytelling that is powerful and effective. Oh, and it won the Business for Social Good Grant from the UBC Sauder School of Business

What We Are Doing: Selected foci, clarified theories, identified research questions, collecting data (ethics review, qualitative interviews and focus groups with business leaders/participants in CSR projects, and A/B testing), analyzing data, reporting results in peer reviewed publications, in partnership with Dr. Darren Dahl

Completion Date: 2022


Investing in the leadership capacity of BIPOC+ and female identifying leaders in law enforcement to increase just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforces.

The Context: As the workforce has changed, so has the representation of the voices of BIPOC+ and female identifying leaders. Widespread discrimination and harassment has been found amongst multiple municipal, provincial, and federal policing structures, and has paved the way to instigate radical new approaches to healthy and inclusive workplaces.

Why This Project Matters: Using a group and individual approach, we are part of multiple projects investing in creating psychological safety, transforming bias and patriarchal structures, and amplifying the leadership capacity and power capital of sworn and civilian members.

What We Are Doing: Creating safe engagement opportunities, hosting collaborative learning circles, and providing one on one professional leadership coaching.

Completion Date: 2022


Creating alternative and meaningful pathways to healing and justice through Canada’s first, comprehensive restorative justice process for Survivors of modern day slavery and human trafficking

The Context: Restorative Justice (a process rooted in Indigenous peacemaking) is used across Canada in the criminal justice system to address the harm caused by a crime using restorative focused practices. Due to the intense nature and often psychopathic level of abuse, severe crimes, such as human trafficking, Canada lacks a safe structure in which to facilitate the process for Survivors

Why This Project Matters: In Canada, there are criminal and civil processes Survivors can engage in to pursue justice. However, they lack a protective, victim-centred approach that rarely results in healing the larger impacts, including communities, culture, and relationships. This project aims to discover how to overcome systemic barriers, engage lived experience to guide the process, and offer new pathways to justice that heal the larger circles of life after trafficking.

What We Are Doing: Developing a four year comprehensive, Canada-wide project in partnership with over 30 different collaborators and the RCMP, engaging a collaborative design through Indigenous-led approaches. We are currently raising capital for this project.

Completion Date: 2026


Leading Canada’s first participatory, leadership capacity building research projects with those with the lived experience of violence, exploitation, and human trafficking to improve access to services and investigate preventative root causes.

The Context: Canada’s response to supporting those with lived experience of modern slavery is in its infancy. There is a push towards Survivor-led approaches to ensure services are appropriate. However, there is limited work evaluating the current service models, as well as root causes that could lead to a stronger preventative focus. This results in a large burden for those with lived experience to have to “fix” the systems designed to help them.

Why This Project Matters: This project uses a unique participatory design that centers the Survivor experience, challenges organizations across multiple sectors to improve service access, pushes past victim-blaming, post-abuse approaches and instead focuses on societal root causes that can lead to effective prevention strategies.

What We Are Doing: Leading two Canada-wide research project using a participatory model in partnership with The Salvation Army Illuminate, including research design, ethical storytelling policies, literature review, lived experience stakeholder advisory and practicums, trauma informed research questions, collecting and analyzing data (ethics review, qualitative interviews and survey), reporting results and hosting learning circles across Canada

Completion Date: 2022

Short Term Impact Projects

We provide limited/short term input to varying impact projects, including training, subject matter expertise, and leadership coaching.

Subject Matter Expertise

Providing SME input to multiple organizations, including a National Centre and International Education Institute

Education & Training

Providing customized education and training for corporations, national labour movements, post secondary institutions, and Indigenous communities

Employment Equity

Consulting on a multi-year employment equity and inclusion project for marginalized populations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

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