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Guest Blog by Maxwell Consulting Group Intern Hilary Nyte Learn more about Hilary here. As mentioned in our previous post on types of power, an important aspect of honing our personal power is tapping into spirituality. As defined by Brené Brown: Spirituality is recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by…

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Defining Power

Power is an elusive force. We can’t see it, hear it, touch it, smell it, or fully understand all its facets; yet, even when we don’t realize it, power is as much a part of our everyday lives as the air we breathe. Hilary nyte Guest Blog by Maxwell Consulting Group Intern Hilary Nyte Learn more…

Leaders Who Steward Power

Introducing Hilary Nyte Intern, Maxwell Consulting Group (MCG) Our company is committed to investing in up-and-coming leaders who are integrating transformative ESG approaches in their work and building a better future. We are delighted to introduce Hilary Nyte who is interning with our company this year.   For the next two months, Hilary will be sharing her work through a blog series…


The ABC’s of ESG

“We want to develop an ESG strategy. But first things first- I’m not sure we understand ESG. What does it mean for our organization?” Maybe you’ve heard of it. Read an article. Saw a competitor in your industry publish an ESG report. But what exactly is ESG? Although corporate social responsibility and shared value has…

ESG Strategies: Understanding Materiality

“We want to get certified in……” The most common opening sentence when businesses contact us to develop an ESG strategy is to jump immediately to a certification. Take your pick- Assurance Standards, Principles of Responsible Investment, Gender Based Analysis, Fair Trade, B-Corp. There are a host of certifications and standards out there. This move to…

The Rested Leader, Part 2

Are we getting enough sleep to be high performing leaders? Provocative question, I know. Many C-suite leaders I have close relationships or coach in leadership with share they have frequent sleep difficulties. It might be that they get poor quality sleep, are wired and can’t fall asleep, the thoughts won’t stop, they are exhausted even…

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The Rested Leader, Part 1

Is it possible to be an incredibly effective and purpose driven leader and human, and also experience profound rest from the inside out? I count myself privileged to regularly engage the company of purpose driven leaders from diverse verticals- public and private sector, non-profit, education, faith, healthcare, law enforcement. We relish the opportunity to gather…

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Larissa Maxwell is the CEO and Principal Consultant of The Maxwell Consulting Group, and an avid reader, researcher, and creative explorer. For the next two months we share the mic and welcome Hilary Nyte, Maxwell Consulting Group Intern.

Hilary Nyte

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