About Us


Who are your services for?

  • Start up organizations looking to build an ESG (Environment-Social-Governance) strategy right into your foundational design
  • Existing companies desiring to grow your responsibility, accountability, and purpose to your stakeholders through ESG strategies and impact projects
  • Leaders curious to level up their leadership values, presence, and impact through executive coaching and education
  • Organizations looking for learner-centered education, keynotes, and short term consults
  • Organizations seeking to build ethical storytelling practice, policies, and proceedures

What is ESG?

Explore our Learning Series where we share relevant topics related to responsible, accountable, and purpose driven practices, or navigate to our Getting Started page

Where do you offer services?

  • We are located in British Columbia, Canada, and work across North America
  • We will travel for projects, events, and initiatives. Digital work can be performed for most countries and communities

Why should we choose you?

  • Our work stands out because we are audacious, and deeply care to do this work authentically with measurable results.  Learn more about our Values and Working Principles
  • We are trusted across interdisciplinary fields, including finance, government, tech, Indigenous communities, law enforcement, communications, education, commercial real estate, and non-profits. We bring the best of the industry to you
  • We use behavioural insights to design one of a kind projects and build powerful leaders and organizations who are connected to the soul of their leadership
  • We are creative visionaries that use innovative modalities to scale your work, giving you a competitive edge
  • We level up your skills through coaching and learner-centered education
  • We know how to help you shape the stories you tell to be both ethical and powerful

How much do your services cost?

  • Each project is unique. Reach out to us for a consultation. We offer hourly services and project based workplans
  • We offer discounted pricing for Indigenous-led and non profit organizations

What are your qualifications?

  • The Maxwell Consulting Group is a team of interdisciplinary leaders holding over 20+ ESG certifications, and is led by CEO and Principal Consultant Larissa Maxwell
  • Larissa and her team are responsible for launching some of the most powerful ESG projects in North America. 
  • We are insured for professional and commercial liability