About Us

We are a consulting firm passionate about building leaders, organizations, and businesses with a soul.

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How we work

What gets us out of bed in the morning?

Building leaders and organizations that are active and responsible agents of change in the world through ESG. We are here to move the dial- one leader, one organization, and one project at a time. If a strategy or impact project has the opportunity for transformation- we are all in.


Larissa Maxwell

CEO, Principal Consultant

Our firm was founded and is led by Larissa Maxwell, an award winning executive leader, consultant, researcher, and leadership coach from British Columbia. She is known as a large scale creative visionary who- with her team- delivers from start to finish. 

A picture of a caucasian female with dark hair and glasses wearing a grey blazer sitting on a log in the Squamish Estuary, with mountains and tan colored grasses behind her.

Our Maxwell Consulting Group Team

Our female-led team of 20+ members consists of:  

  • Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Indigenous Knowledge Keepers
  • Lived Experience Leaders
  • Operations Mavericks 
  • Administrative Support
  • Practicum Students

Our team brings intersectional experiences and perspectives to our work, including folks who identify as:

  • Lived Experience Leaders
  • New Immigrants and Migrant Workers
  • IBPOC+
  • Persons with Disabilities

Our Expertise

  • Professional Qualifications: Registered Clinical Therapy, Registered Occupational Therapy, Ph.D’s, Registered Researchers, Certified Leadership Coaches
  • ESG Certifications: GRI Standards, SDG’s, ESG Competent Boards and Organizations, Principles of Responsible Investing, UN Global Compact, Sustainability Reporting, Indigenous Cultural Competency
  • Leadership: Servant Leadership, Trauma Informed Practice, Psychological Safety, Gender Based Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Financial Inclusion, Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
  • Education: Liberatory Learning Design, Learning Labs

Ready to infuse purpose into your organization?

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