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Maxwell Consulting Group - ESG Services
ESG Consulting

Strategies and impact projects that level up the environmental, social, and governance dimensions of your organization.

Leadership Coaching

Certified, confidential thought partnering that invests in leadership growth, practice, and impact.

Education & Training

Customized, learner-centered education that builds essential ESG knowledge and applicable skills.

Storytelling Design

Ethical storytelling services that safely and powerfully delivers your intended purpose.

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What We Do

We Build Responsible, Accountable, and Purpose Driven Organizations and Leaders.

We get up in the morning to spearhead first to market ESG (Environment-Social-Governance) strategies, impact projects, and build responsible leaders. We give you the competitive edge through interdisciplinary approaches, innovative modalities, and evidence based global frameworks brought into real life application.

As one of the only consulting firms with expertise spanning across all three ESG verticals, we deliver practical ESG implementation from the inside out.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse collective of game changers and audacious leaders applying broad skill sets, including strategists, consultants, analysts, certified therapists and coaches, lived experience leaders, Indigenous knowledge keepers, and much more. 

Our work is guided by our values and working principles, and led by CEO and Principal Consultant Larissa Maxwell.

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Our Clients

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Increasing Your Triple Bottom Line

We guide you to increase your triple bottom line by equally balancing people, planet, and profit. Some of our projects include:


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